Review: Sticky Notes

Author: Indy Yelich

Genre: Poetry



Sticky Notes is Indy Yelich’s first poetry collection and oh my, is it sublime. The poems revolve around everything that comes with the transition from girl to woman (moving out, mental health, love, family…), as well as reactions to politics and events happening around the world today (see ‘a cheeto runs the world’ and ‘halloween night’). I devoured it in an afternoon, but know it is a book I will visit and revisit often.

The poems are incredibly relatable, featuring thoughts we have all had, feelings we have all felt, yet written in a way that most people would not think to express them. Yelich talks of love, loss, and nostalgia in a way that is older than her years, with such maturity for only 19 years, yet striking such a balance that she does not present as a wizened old lady writing poems with regret for what she has lost. It is clear that what she is experiencing is current, or incredibly recent, and that made me, as a reader, feel even more connected to them.

Each poem uses language in such a creative and expressive way, it’s impossible not to be drawn into the raw emotions and overlying narrative. It is a writing style reminiscent of Rupi Kaur, yet not a carbon-copy: Yelich carves her own path, creating a style that is truly hers. Her writing feels so personal that it simply could not belong to anyone else.


Total: 5 stars

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