Love Stationery? Check out my Notebook Therapy Review (+GIVEAWAY – CLOSED)

I love stationery. I’m one of those people who hoards beautiful notebooks, but never wants to spoil their pages with my chicken scratch handwriting and endless to-do lists. I think I currently have about four sitting unused, waiting for the day their moment comes and I summon the bravery to scrawl useless memos across their pages.

I came across Notebook Therapy some time last year and immediately made a ‘to buy’ list that amounted to nearly everything on the site. They specialise in bringing cute East Asian stationery to the rest of the world (so many cats and houseplants and astrology related things), and honestly, I am 100% on board with that idea.

I’ve bought a few bits and pieces there before: some Japanese Landscape stickers (for when I was convinced I would get back into bujo-ing); a 7-piece set of Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (which I adore for drawing/watercolour/aimless doodles); the cutest Checked Wool Tote Bag (it carried my laptop/lab coat/lunch/pens and paper to uni every day in style); and, of course, a bujo which just turned into a uni notes book because, let’s face it, who was I kidding thinking that I was organised enough to return to bujo-ing? (Occasionally I still see beautiful spreads on Instagram and, inspired, reckon I still might).

My cute-af tote bag (great for carrying books and twigs, obviously).

I’ve always been really impressed with the products and Notebook Therapy’s service. Things can take a little while to reach Australia, but really, what doesn’t? The products are always high quality, and if there’s ever a problem, the support team are always quick to reply and very courteous.

The team at Notebook Therapy reached out to me to do a little collab with them, and given my previous experiences with them, I was excited to do so. So here’s what I bought and what I think:

Canvas Large Stationery Organiser


Determined not to by more notebooks, I branched out to something that could HOLD my notebooks: a stationery organiser. I love it. Not only is it in my favourite colour, but it’s big enough to hold pretty much any of your stationery needs. I carry my diary, highlighters and pens around in it, and it does a great job at stopping the general build up of pen and pencil detritus at the bottom of my bag. Plus, it means no fishing around my belongings in the middle of a lecture looking for a certain pen.


It comes in 5 colours, and would honestly be great for carrying anything. Now I’m out of uni, I’m going to use it for carrying my electronics on long car journeys (an iPad or e-reader would fit perfectly), or maybe even my cosmetics. It has 3 handy pockets, which are business/credit card sized – it honestly couldn’t be more useful.


Transparent Planets iPhone Case

I drop my phone. A lot. In fact, I had dropped my phone and smashed its current case (but thankfully, not the phone) a week before the offer of this collab came in. I had been eyeing up Notebook Therapy’s phone cases for the entirety of that week, so I decided I had to get one.

There are so many cases on the site and they’re all so cute, so it was really hard for me to decide on just one. But, being the astrology geek that I am, I thought I’d have to get one with planets and stars and a little bit of glitter.


Words cannot explain how much I love this case. It’s so pretty and, so far, does a good job at protecting my phone from bumps and scratches. It even saved my phone screen protector from cracking when I dropped it in a way that has smashed countless other tempered glass screens. I’m impressed.

I like the way the sides of the case fully cover the sides of my phone, plus I love the little bit that sits in the charging spot of the phone and stops crumbs and dust and whatever else getting inside.


Notebook Therapy actually sent me two of these phone cases, so I’m going to give one away, PLUS, carrying on the space theme, a signed copy of Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kaufman. You need to be following this blog, and comment one piece of stationery you couldn’t live without. That’s all! Entries close 14th July 2019, open internationally. Case fits iPhone 6s/7/8.

If you think you might like what Notebook Therapy has to offer, you can get 10% off your order using the code COSY10 when you checkout!


13 thoughts on “Love Stationery? Check out my Notebook Therapy Review (+GIVEAWAY – CLOSED)

  1. Hi, I love your account and your blog. I’d liked to enter the giveaway, so one piece of stationery I couldn’t live without are highlighters. They’re very useful for my school work and there are so many nice colours.


    1. Thanks for entering! I absolutely agree! I wouldn’t be anywhere without my highlighters telling me what I need to prioritise 😂


  2. Hi Chloe dear,

    I loved reading your review. You already know how much I love stationery. I love all stationery items, but among my favorites are sealing wax and fancy wax seals for making letters extra special.


  3. My pencils are the absolute must need for me since I always carry one around all the time and it helps me note down randown doodles and ideas I got now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

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