Love Stationery? Check out my Notebook Therapy Review (+GIVEAWAY – CLOSED)

I love stationery. I'm one of those people who hoards beautiful notebooks, but never wants to spoil their pages with my chicken scratch handwriting and endless to-do lists. I think I currently have about four sitting unused, waiting for the day their moment comes and I summon the bravery to scrawl useless memos across their [...]

How to fly if you’re scared of flying

I am a terrified flyer. I don't think I've ever enjoyed it, but, sadly, it's something that life occasionally demands that you do. For some people, flying is a necessary evil; for me, it's a month of plane crash nightmares, panic attacks, and asking my parents if they think the pilot could turn the plane [...]

How to survive Freshers’ Week: the guide

In the summer of 2014, no two words struck more dread into my heart than those of "Freshers' Week". As a socially anxious, hugely introverted non-drinker, I could imagine nothing worse than a week of constant introductions and alcohol-fuelled gatherings. But I soon learned that the nightlife was the least of my worries: the university-run [...]

It’s time to stop supporting problematic people

The book community, no matter how wholesome it is considered, is no stranger to problematic behaviour. From authors, to bookish shops, to movie adaptations, the community seems to be almost perpetually riddled with controversy. One of the most highly regarded, yet incredibly problematic authors is JK Rowling. JK, of course, wrote the hugely successful Harry [...]